Since the allegations of Harvey Weinstein's alleged sexual indiscretions and crimes surfaced last month, there doesn't seem to have been a day that has gone by since without more sordid and seedy revelations coming to the surface. After the Weinstein scandal, many more in the Hollywood community have faced their own accusations. Film director James Toback who has worked on films such as Bugsy has been accused of sexually harassing over 200 women, a claim which he vehemently denies. Child star Corey Feldman, one of the biggest child actors of the 1980's has revealed that he was abused as a child by prominent members of the Hollywood glitterati and has stated that a paedophile ring has been operating in Hollywood and he has promised to reveal the names of those involved.

Many high profile names have been caught up in this scandal.

Legendary actor Dustin Hoffman, who has appeared in classics such as Midnight Cowboy has been accused of his own sexual misconduct and Quentin Tarantino, the producer who worked with Harvey Weinstein on Pulp Fiction has received widespread criticism after revealing that he was aware of some of Weinstein's behaviour and that he regrets not confronting him over it. A Pandora's Box has been opened in Hollywood, and every day something new seems to be coming out.

An imploding supernova

High-profile reputations have the ability to be destroyed by these accusations which are leaking out of Hollywood in what seems to be becoming a daily ritual of revelation. As of this date, arguably no bigger reputation has been damaged following the purge of Hollywood's rich and powerful is that of Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey is a household name to many around the world and is one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Spacey has starred in many blockbuster films over the years including The Usual Suspects and American Beauty to name a few. Spacey has won two Oscars in his lifetime, managing to win just one is a feat that many actors struggle to achieve after a lifetime of acting, making Spacey at the age of 58, one of Hollywood's true power players.

Just over a week ago, an indiscretion involving Spacey was revealed. Child actor Anthony Rapp gave an interview to Buzzfeed alleging that Kevin Spacey had sexually harassed him at the age of 14. Rapp said that Spacey, who was 26 at the time had invited him to his New York apartment. During the course of the evening, Rapp said that Kevin Spacey picked him up and tried to kiss him.

Rapp said he managed to free himself from Spacey's advances. When these allegations surfaced, Kevin Spacey said that he "did not remember" the incident in question but he went on to apologize for his "inappropriate drunken behaviour." The actor then went on to answer questions regarding his sexuality, revealing that he had been in relationships with both men and women but was now choosing to live as a gay man. This move prompted widespread criticism from members of the gay community who accused Spacey of attempting to "hide under the rainbow flag." Prominent public figures such as Rosie O' Donnell have come out and criticised Spacey for this approach.

Damaged reputation

This revelation seems to have caused Spacey's career serious damage.

At the beginning of the week, a man who most would have viewed as one of Hollywood's biggest stars now more resembles an imploding supernova of epic proportions. The series House of Cards in which Spacey played the main character Congressman Frank Underwood has been shelved by Netflix following the Anthony Rapp revelations. But this week was about to get a whole lot worse for Kevin Spacey. New revelations being reported by The Sun newspaper claim that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted a 23-year-old man in an apartment in the London Borough of Lambeth back in 2008. Kevin Spacey, who was employed as the artistic director of the Old Vic theatre in Waterloo at the time had invited a man back to his London apartment.

After several drinks, the man fell asleep, only to wake up to find Kevin Spacey committing a sex act on him. The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they are investigating a report of an assault on a man back in 2008, but as is standard procedure, have not confirmed that the suspect, in that case, is Kevin Spacey.

Just over one week ago, Kevin Spacey was one of the most well-decorated and revered actors in Hollywood. Within one week, Kevin Spacey has spectacularly fallen from grace. His popular Netflix show has been cancelled, his publicist has parted ways with him and he could even be facing the prospect of criminal charges in the U.K. Since the news broke just days ago of Spacey's alleged sexual assault on a man in London, as many as 8 other men have come forward alleging that Kevin Spacey acted inappropriately towards them.

Is Kevin Spacey's career finished?

Hollywood has had a long history of welcoming back actors who have had similar brushes with controversy. Film Producer Roman Polanski, who was convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl and Woody Allen have all been welcomed back into the Hollywood community following the revelations about their past behaviour. But in this day and age where people are open to much more scrutiny and where a blemish on your reputation can hit companies where it really hurts, the pocket, it seems unlikely that Spacey will be welcomed back with the open arms afforded to the offenders of yesteryear. This story started with the revelations from child actor about a story that occurred over 30 years ago, and it has potentially resulted in the downfall of one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Following this week I am asking a question that I am sure many of you are also asking. Is that a Rapp on the career of Kevin Spacey?