Daniel Craig once said he would rather cut his wrists than play the suave, sophisticated British agent James Bond again. Shortly after that, musing Craig must have thought about it and said he would play the role again and it appears Craig will be back.

From 'Casino Royale' to 'Spectre' Craig must be the most successful James Bond of all time and the late Roger Moore gave him his endorsement. Craigs Bond started out rough and ready but has gradually grown into the role of liking the ladies, fast cars and living life on the edge.

A new "Bond" movie will be out in November 2019 with the New York Times saying sources "briefed on the matter" have confirmed Craig's return to the franchise.

However, a 007 producer has confirmed it is too early to confirm the cast and director.

Successful at the box office

Since Daniel Craig came ashore in 'Casino Royale' just wearing his trunks his portrayal of Bond has been very lucrative. 'Sky Fall' for example took £103 million at the box office making it the most successful film financially in British cinema history. 'Spectre' took £95 million showing that the "James Bond" franchise is more popular than ever.

If Craig did not come back to the role rumours were doing the rounds about who might replace him. Idris Elba, Mark Rylance, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner were just some of the names put forward. However, it looks like Craig will be back to play Bond who has been played by a plethora of actors like Sean Connery, Roger Moore et al.

When Craig was first announced as the new Bond many Bond purists thought Craig would not fit the role. However, they must now be kicking themselves as Craig has breathed life into the character for the 21st Century.

Bond script writers return

Script writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade will, according to MGM be back to write the new installment of Bond.

Bond was originally based in the real MI6 headquarters in London but the building was blown up in 'Sky Fall.' New premises underground were quickly requisitioned as a base for MI6 along with a new Moneypenny and along with a new M and Q.

The film has returned to the original scenario of Moneypenny being M's PR and Bond speaking to M behind a desk in an adjoining office.

Will Craig try and ape Roger Moore who was the longest serving Bond from 'The Man with the Golden Gun' to 'View to a Kill' in 1981?

The script writers meanwhile, will be glad to be drafting another Bond adventure but it is obvious Bond will not be their only source of income. In one sense Bond's character could be seen to be out of date for 2017 but perhaps in this high tech world people like a bit of old fashioned entertainment now and then.