Amir khan is a perfectionist. All his films personify style which is close to realism. His latest film "Dangal" has stormed the Box Office. The film has had unprecedented success in China, grossing over Rupees 1000 crore (one billion dollars). This is a phenomenal figure. The film is the best Bollywood movie in terms of revenue earned. Even after three weeks, the film continues to be a success. It has now slipped to number two position after "Pirates of the Caribbean. " "Dangal" has now grossed over 1700 crores at the box office. This makes it the highest grossing film ever from Bollywood, surpassing the hit "Bahubali 2." All credit for this to aamir khan who thought of making this film, which is based on a true story on the life of wrestler Phoghat Singh who made his two daughters into wrestlers in a male world.

The movie is a treat.

'Dangal' in China

The film was released in China as per the Indo-Chinese agreement signed during the visit of President Xi to India in September 2014. The film was dubbed into Chinese and has been immensely liked by the population at large. The result is the film is the biggest grosser in China. The story is set in the Indian state of Haryana where there is a gender bias. The story revolves around wrestler Phogat Singh who, despite not having sons, decided to make his daughters into wrestlers. The film relates how he made the girls match winners despite all the odds and government apathy

Aamir Khan

Amir Khan is known for making topical and successful films. His earlier films including "3 Idiots" was also a commercial success.

He is now producing a film on thuggery. The film titled "Thugs of Hindoostan" will have the famous Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan in a significant role opposite him. This is a period film set in the 19th Century. The film is based on a fact of history when worshippers of the Goddess Kali resorted to strangulating travelers and then robbing them.

The menace of thuggery was eradicated by the British during the 19th century. The cult is no longer in action as it was wiped out. This was because of the action of two men namely Captain William Sleeman, and Francis Curwen Smith a magistrate during the period 1830-35.

Success of 'Dangal'

In the meantime, Amir Khan can bask in the success of "Dangal." The film had done about 700 crores globally but surprisingly the Chinese loved the film and added another 1000 crore to the kitty of Amir Khan.

General Mushraff, now in exile in Dubai also expressed his appreciation for the film. The film has some excellent wrestling scenes. It is a treat to watch two girls learning to wrestle and finally winning their bouts to become world champions. The film is clean family entertainment. If the film is dubbed in English it will do well at the box office in the UK and USA.