When president Xi visited India last year it was decided that three joint films would be produced. The idea was to look for areas of cooperation between India and China. The first of these films starring Jackie Chan the Megastar from China " Kung Fu Yoga" has been released. The film is running in China and the east and is a smash hit. However, the film had a lukewarm reception in India. The title of the film is the clue to what the film dishes out. It mentions the two disciples which are distinct for each country; yoga for India and martial arts for China.

The result is a hodge-podge film that lacks coherence and continuity. However, with Jackie Chan in the lead, the film is a hit. The film stars teo Indian small time actors in Sonu Sood and the Marathi girl, Disha Patni. For both these actors, it has been an excellent chance to further their careers and both have seized it.

Indian actors

Sonu Sood plays the villain in the film opposite Jackie. He does well against a seasoned superstar and holds his scenes with aplomb. This is a big break for him as so far he was just acting in small and inconsequential roles in Bollywood. Hopefully, he will take off after this film. The girl Disha Patni is a lovely actress and a stunner. She never got a big break in Bollywood, but in this film, she is the star attraction and she displays a lovely midriff in a low-slung sari.

She oozes sex appeal and adds the glamor to the film. One hopes she gets more chances in Bollywood after this film and she does not go the Malika Sherawat way who after starring with Jackie Chan in a film just faded away.

Priyanka and Deepika

There are two more films in the pipeline and reports suggest that the two top Indian stars now making a foray in Hollywood, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are in the run for the top spot.

Probably Jackie may again be the hero. It is amazing how this star has held his own for almost three decades and continues to charm his fans, who number in millions. Priyanka stars in the upcoming film " Baywatch" and Deepika was the heroine in the film"Return of Xander Cage". Disha is much younger that both these girls and matches them as well.

One hopes she can even try to get a film in Hollywood. The world is more open now and this is the best chance to get a break there.

Last word

Coming to the film. It's a Jackie Chan film all the way. There is not much of a storyline but plenty of action and lovely locales in China, India, and Dubai. The steal stealer is a lion in the car with Jackie at the wheel.