Undoubtedly, '13 Reasons Why' has been a sensational hit. The television show, which was executive produced by Selena Gomez, was released as a Netflix Original on 31st March 2017 and received critical acclaim. The show dealt with some very serious issues such as suicide, bullying, rape and mental health. While a controversial show, it was praised for its storytelling, acting and the maturity the young cast showed in dealing with the delicate and heavy subject matter.

Recently, we found out that the show has been renewed by Netflix for a second season and discussion has been prevalent about how the story will continue, especially as the first season was based on a book with no sequel.

Apart from the presence of Hannah Baker, some of the possible arcs/story-lines which will be in Season Two of ‘13 Reasons Why’ include:

‘13 Reasons Why’: Bryce Brought to Justice

One of the many shocking elements of the first season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ were the rape scenes. Bryce was the character who raped Jessica and Hannah and the first season ended without justice being brought upon this predator. Surely, the second season of will focus on the fight to bring Bryce to justice for his horrific crimes, especially as Hannah’s parents now have the tapes.

‘13 Reasons Why’: Jessica's Recovery

Jessica was the other victim of Bryce’s attacks and she ended the first season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ about to confess to her father about what had happened to her.

While that confession will factor into the fate of Bryce, the focus on Jessica will be on her mental recovery. While the fate of Bryce is intrinsically linked to her recovery, Jessica’s arc may focus on her finally making her peace with Hannah. Other characters in the show such as Alex and Justin could also play a big role in the way her story plays out.

‘13 Reasons Why’: Focus on Clay’s Past

One of the elements of the first season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ which is ripe for development is Clay’s past. It is inferred that he has had mental health issues growing up. Clay went through a very traumatic appearance and his ongoing recovery after Hannah’s suicide could be affected by mental health issues that were already there before he lost the girl he loved.

If the second season focuses on this aspect of Clay, it has the potential to be a very compelling arc. Additionally, it would be great to see his relationship with Tony explored and strengthened too.

‘13 Reasons Why’: Honourable Mentions

There are other loose ends from the first season of ‘13 Reasons Why’ that can be resolved in the next season. It seemed like Tyler was about to commit a horrendous act of violence with the number of weapons he had. Alex is in a critical condition and his fate is uncertain. Justin could also play a big role after he is now homeless and lost as a person. Hannah will obviously have a big presence next season, but the show needs to find the right blend of tying-up loose ends and setting up new, bold narratives.