Netflix has renewed its latest hit original drama, “13 Reasons Why,” for season 2. The second season, which will consist of thirteen new episodes (and with it, probably, thirteen more reasons why), will premiere sometime in 2018. The show’s premise and even its title has something inherently wrong with it right off the bat, some might say, as it suggests that (or doesn’t even suggest it, it just goes right out and says it) other people are to blame for people’s mental health problems. This is incorrect. And it’s why the show has drawn some serious controversy.

But that controversy didn’t affect the viewership in the slightest, since teenagers have been eating “13 Reasons Why” up. They love it. They think it’s great. They don’t realise how wrong it is, they’re just consuming entertainment, and some mental health associations say this could be a problem in and of itself, because teenagers are more like to kill themselves if they see a dramatic presentation portraying it and glamorising it and making it seem cool, and that’s exactly what “13 Reasons Why” does, so let’s be careful. These associations don’t really mind if the teenagers do kill themselves; they’re now just waiting to see how many do it so they can develop the related statistics and say this many percent of “13 Reasons Why” viewers killed themselves after watching the show.

Isn’t that great? Isn’t that exciting?

Other Netflix original programming returning, too

While season 2 of “13 Reasons Why” won’t hit the Netflix library until next year, there are plenty of shows to get excited about this year. Aziz Ansari’s brilliant romantic comedy series with something genuine to say about relationships and modern life, “Master of None,” will be returning for its own second season imminently on Netflix, with a premiere date set for 12 May, which is just a couple of days away!

If you didn’t watch season 1, you’d better catch up quick! The same goes for Bill Burr’s hilarious animated period piece family sitcom “F is For Family,” about a simpler time when you could smoke on an airplane and hit your kids. Word has it that’ll back for its second season sometime in May, too.

Everything’s getting a second season!

Where are all the third and fourth seasons? Well, “BoJack Horseman,” which had a stellar third season last year containing a beautiful, mostly silent episode set underwater, will be returning this year for its fourth season, which may revolve around BoJack’s long-lost daughter, which was hinted at towards the end of season 3. It’s a dark and emotional roller coaster, that show, much like “13 Reasons Why,” so maybe that can attribute to both shows’ excellent success.

Also, the criminally underrated “Santa Clarita Diet,” a dark suburban satire starring Drew Barrymore as a cannibal and Timothy Olyphant as her enabling husband, will thankfully be returning in 2018 with “13 Reasons Why” for its second season. Hopefully it can pick up some new fans before then (namely you guys, go and watch the damn thing right now, you won’t regret it, I promise!) because it so, so deserves a huge fanbase.