Some rumours have come out regarding the DC Extended Universe of films, which hasn’t been doing too great so far. “Man of Steel” had a so-so reception and that was before it was chosen as the first Film of an epic cinematic universe, and then “Batman vs Superman” underperformed financially and was also hated by audiences, same with “Suicide Squad” (except that did really great money-wise).

This has led its studio Warner Bros. to regularly switch up what they’re doing with it, leaving the whole thing very touch and go and directors are replaced, release dates move back and forth, and it leaves a lot of space for the internet to fabricate rumours about the DC film universe.

Anyway, here’s the latest batch of those rumours.

Four Batman films in one year to honour character’s 80th anniversary

Apparently Warner Bros. are planning to release four Batman-based or Batman-related films in the DC universe in 2019 alone. There’s this huge push for Batman films in 2019 (as well as two additional animated Batman films, one of which will be adapted from the brilliant graphic novel “The Long Halloween”) because it’s the 80th anniversary of the character’s creation and they’re excited about it and they want to celebrate it.

Margot Robbie’s female-driven “Gotham City Sirens” will kick off the four Batman-related DCEU films around Valentine’s Day (sexist), and then “Nightwing” will come along a couple of months later, then Joss Whedon’s “Batgirl” film in late summer/August time, before culminating the big shabam of Ben Affleck’s big, highly anticipated, long-awaited solo Batman film “The Batman” in November.

Affleck recently stepped down from the director’s chair, making way for “Cloverfield” director Matt Reeves, who reportedly wants to do a really big-scale film that will include pretty much everyone Bruce Wayne has ever taken under his wing and given a cape, as well as every villain he’s ever fought against from the comics. It’s ambitious, but that’s how Reeves works, and it’s certainly been how the DCEU’s been working so far.

Former release date for ‘Aquaman’ is up for grabs

“Aquaman” has lost its release dates because surprise, surprise, there’s problems behind the scenes of a DCEU film. According to these new rumours, the frontrunners for its spot in the slate are “Suicide Squad 2” and “Dark Universe.” Now, there’s a couple of things to say about those two, too.

Mel Gibson is no longer wanted as the director for the “Suicide Squad” sequel, and instead Jaume Collet-Serra (who helmed last year’s shark thriller “The Shallows”) and Ruben Fleischer (best known for cult comedy “Zombieland”). With Harley Quinn off in the aforementioned “Gotham City Sirens,” she’ll be replaced by Killer Frost as the female lead. And “Dark Universe,” adapted from a completely unknown DC title, may begin shooting in the summer.

Warner Bros. is planning to do four DCEU films per year: two large-scale and big-budget, and two small-scale and low-budget (which won’t be as cool and artistic and dark as that makes them sound). Apparently Jonathan Levine of “50/50” fame is negotiating a contract to direct “The Flash,” since “Flash” directors keep jumping ship (it must be a truly problematic script), and “Kick-Ass” director Matthew Vaughn is expected to write “Man of Steel 2” if he signs on to direct it.