Ben Affleck’s Batman was perceived by many filmgoers as the only good thing about Zack Snyder’s hot mess “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” and they’ve been excited for him to get his own film ever since.

Robin’s backstory may be covered

In addition to starring and producing, Affleck will be co-writing the Film’s screenplay with comic book writer Geoff Johns. Johns has said that the Robin Easter egg in “BvS,” which hints that Jared Leto’s Joker has killed him, will be expanded on in a future film. Affleck has said that their script will heavily borrow from the comics, which should please fans.

However, he did confirm that while elements would be taken from the comics, the script will be an “original story.”

Some DC Extended Universe characters will return

Like the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is trying to replicate, the DC Extended Universe will mix and match characters, kind of like a trading card game featuring those very same characters. Ben Affleck’s “The Batman” will be bringing back some characters introduced in “BvS” and “Suicide Squad.” Jeremy Irons, who plays Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred in the films, will be “tied into” the new film, which presumably means he’ll be in it. Also, Jared Leto hopes to appear in the film as The Joker.

Deathstroke will be the villain

The villain of the film, tentatively titled “The Batman,” will be Deathstroke.

Deathstroke is a mercenary and an assassin and a badass and he’s a very popular character among the comics community, despite not yet finding mainstream recognition. Joe Manganiello of “Magic Mike” fame will be taking on the role. As far as the title “The Batman” goes, Affleck says he “might change it,” but he could well just stick with it and that’s the title they’re calling it for now.

Filming will start very soon

Shooting for “The Batman” is due to begin this spring in Los Angeles (posing as Gotham City) for a 2018 release date. Affleck’s Oscar-winning “Argo” screenwriter Chris Terrio had a pass at the script. He also co-wrote “BvS,” so this is worrying news. Matt Reeves, director of “Cloverfield” and the latest “Planet of the Apes” movies, will be directing the film.