Last week, Warner Bros. announced plans to reboot the Wachowski siblings’ “the matrixFilm franchise and sci-fi fans’ souls were crushed. Back when it was first released in the ‘90s, “The Matrix” represented everything the new reboot doesn’t: a truly original story, an entirely new world that audiences could escape into, shaking things up in a big way. Anyway, as long as it’s happening, here’s what we know so far.

The film isn’t a reboot, but it is

According to Zak Penn, the writer who provided the script for “The Incredible Hulk” (he’s a writer and his name’s Penn, isn’t that cool?) and has been hired for the new “Matrix” movie, this film will not be a reboot.

But it will, because his definition of reboot is wrong. Penn thinks that just because he isn’t recasting Keanu Reeves’ character Neo and isn’t telling the exact same story as the first “Matrix” film that it’s not a reboot. But that’s not a reboot, that’s a remake. A reboot is essentially just the dusting off of an old franchise in order to milk more money of it, so this, by definition, has to be a reboot. So, when Penn tweeted, “Let’s stop responding to inaccurate news,” involving himself in the post-truth era like he’s Sean Spicer, he was himself being inaccurate.

Warner Bros. is treating ‘The Matrix’ like ‘Star Wars’

The studio’s plan with the extension of “The Matrix” franchise is to expand its universe and explore all of its corners, like Disney is doing with the “Star Wars Anthology” films.

Last year, they showed us how the Rebels stole the plans for the Death Star, which was previously just a footnote on “A New Hope,” and made $1 billion from it. So, Warners have seen that and said, “Yes, we want that, please.”

The reboot might be a prequel about young Morpheus

Just like “Star Wars” is doing with a young Han Solo movie, Warner Bros.

is reportedly looking to make this new “Matrix” movie about young Morpheus. This is risky, because it’s impossible to imagine anyone besides Laurence Fishburne playing the role so effectively, but that’s what they’re doing.

Michael B. Jordan might star

Michael B. Jordan from “Creed,” “Fantastic Four,” and Marvel’s upcoming “Black Panther” is reportedly in negotiations to star in the new “Matrix” film in an unspecified role, although as a young black man, this lines up nicely with the news that the film is about Morpheus in his younger days.

The Wachowskis aren’t involved but Keanu Reeves might be back

The Wachowski siblings, aka the architects of “The Matrix,” are not involved with the new film in any capacity. Apparently the studio is looking for their blessing, but if they don’t get it, it probably wouldn’t bother them too much. Keanu Reeves recently stated that he would consider returning to “The Matrix” franchise, but only in a film written and directed by the Wachowskis, so it appears we’ve reached a bit of an impasse on that one.