Indian Cinema has gone global. There is a refreshing change as an English model Amy Jackson has made it good in Hindi and Tamil cinema. This is hot news as Amy does not know either Hindi or Tamil. She has now picked up both the languages. Amy's entry into Bollywood ( Mumbai cinema) is a feather in her cap. Her latest film"Singh is Bling" along with top star Akshay Kumar has been a hit at the box office. She will also play the lead in the upcoming film "Shankar" and "2.0" opposite Tamil superstar Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar. These films should hit the cinema halls this year.

Fairytale entry

Amy Jackson had an almost fairytale entry into Indian cinema. In 2010, she was spotted by the producer of the Tamil film "Madrasapattinam". He needed someone to play the role of the governor general's daughter, a film set during the days of the Raj. She auditioned for the role and was selected and after that, she starred in a string of Tamil films. She bagged the best supporting actress Filmfare award for her role in the film " Thaandavan" in 2012.

Amy's bigger successes have been in Tamil cinema. She has won the Times of India's "most desirable woman" award in 2013. She has also been hailed as a stylish youth icon of South Indian cinema. Amy is well entrenched in South Indian cinema but a bigger break in Bollywood has eluded her.Her success in South Indian cinema is a surprise but her fair complexion and ease of acting have carried her forward.

Now she stays at Mumbai but alternates to the UK as well.


Amy was a successful model before entering Indian cinema. She had won the Miss Teen Liverpool and Miss Teen Great Britain beauty contests in 2009.She took part in the 2010 Miss England contest and finished runner-up.This was the time she was picked up for her role in a Tamil film and she has not looked back after that.

Amy Jackson was born in 1992 and is 25 years old. She has many years more available and it is possible she will get greater recognition in Indian cinema. She would be anxious to make a mark in Bollywood where she is still on the fringe despite a hit in " Singh is bling".

Personal life

Amy was in a relationship with Indian actor Pratiek Babbar, but the two drifted apart.

She dated the boxer Joe Selkirk who later assaulted her. She did not pursue the case but the crown did and the boxer was awarded 12 months community service.

Amy is the first English girl to have entered Indian cinema and become a success. Her main success is in Tamil films and Tamilnadu where she has a tremendous fan following