The latest movie on the legendary character King Kong has been released. The character was created in 1933 and is one of the most beloved creations from Hollywood. Hollywood is one of the biggest supporters of the character King Kong. This film "Kong Skull Island" made at a cost pf $190 million is a 21st-century version of the legendary character. The film stars Tom Huddleston, Samuel Jackson, and Brie Larson and runs for 120 minutes of pulsating action. Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the film furthers the tale of the character King Kong. The setting is in the seventies and the film remains true to the old storyline.

King Kong is a large ape who has somehow escaped the ravages of modern civilization and survived in pristine jungles.

Recreates the old tale

The film recreates the old storyline. A secret organization stumbles across an unknown island while on a quest to discover a new species. During this expedition, they encounter huge monsters including the iconic King Kong. This ape is in a massive battle for supremacy with the predators on the island. The main source of the movie is the 1933 classic film. The director in an interview as quoted in Abu Dhabi world states, "there is a lot of background mythology peppered into ( Skull Island) as we create our own mythology." He goes on to add, "We want to make a lot of imagery that can really only exist in the confines of the movie we're making.

This is our Skull Island. This is our Kong. You couldn't find these sequences, this imagery, in another movie."

Great movie

The director has a magnificent sweep of the jungles and the massive ape. There is a lot of technical glitz and the character looks real enough. He ultimately allows the humans to leave but not before destroying the predators.

It's an action oriented movie with wonderful background score. The movie is now headed for global release and most likely should be ringing in the money at the Box Office.

Last word

The director has created the island and King Kong in a way that rivets the attention of the viewer. This is one sequel that won't go the way of "The Lone Ranger" and "John Carter."