Thousands of protesters across around 200 US cities are taking President Donald Trump to task for continuing to keep his personal income tax returns private, despite previous demands that he make them public and previous promises from Trump himself that he would release them.

The protests are particularly heating up around the Berkeley area in California, with news outlets reporting of violence between those who are pro-Trump and those who are anti-Trump, which ended in arrests and the use of pepper spray. The New York and LA protests have been attracting a lot of famous faces, and while the Tax March (as it’s been dubbed) isn’t getting the same media attention as the protests at Trump’s inauguration ceremony in January or the subsequent Women’s March, it has warranted an angry response from the President himself.

Celebrities joined the protests yesterday

Yesterday, a number of noteworthy Celebrities joined the Tax March, including racy comedienne Sarah Silverman, who joined the New York City protest where she appeared in a video, angrily calling Trump an “emotional child” and, in typical Silverman style, demanding him to “show us your f*cking taxes.” Actress Debra Messing from “Will and Grace” supported Silverman on Twitter, tweeting in all-caps with exclamation marks just like Trump does, “COME MARCH WITH US!!”

Some of the cities included in the nationwide protests are NYC (as mentioned above, with Silverman in tow), Washington DC (Trump’s home base), Seattle, West Palm Beach, Chicago, and many, many more.

However, still little media coverage. CNN and MSNBC reported a violent incident between Trump supporters and Trump detractors at the Berkeley protest, but that’s about it. They reported the use of pepper spray and multiple arrests as a result of the violent altercation.

Chris Evans, who upholds the American values that Trump doesn’t in his role as Captain America and has been particularly vocal in his lack of support for the President, simply tweeted one word: “Liar.” This is because Trump promised he would release his personal income taxes after he’d been audited, and he never did.

Comedian Ike Barinholtz took a less reserved approach, calling Trump “that stupid idiot sitting in his sh*tty golf club right now.” And Jon Cryer, who played Duckie in “Pretty in Pink” and Alan Harper on “Two and a Half Men” well past its sell-by date, simply tweeted the hashtag “#TaxMarch,” so that he could feel relevant.