CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord made headlines today when he appeared on the cable news network’s show “New Day” and compared President Donald Trump’s crusade against Obamacare to Martin Luther King’s crusade against racism and segregation. Trump wants to cut the subsidies that poor people receive under the Affordable Care Act in order to bully the Democrats in Congress into taking his side, and Lord thinks that’s as noble as Dr. King’s march on Selma. But his fellow “New Day” guest Symone Sanders, an African-American woman, most certainly did not think so.

‘People that looked like me were being beaten’

Sanders was blown away by Lord’s comments. She seemed unable to believe that such a sentiment could come out of a person’s mouth, but at the same time acknowledging the ridiculousness of Trump supporters’ ignorant political ideologies that she’s been seeing every day in the news for over a year now. Lord did mention when he made his silly remark that what he was about to say would “probably drive Symone crazy,” and then he called Trump “the Martin Luther King of healthcare.”

Drive Symone crazy it did. Sanders made sure to clear up with Lord that he knew what Dr. King did and why he did it. She stated that the reason Dr. King marched on Selma was “because people that looked like me were being beaten, dogs were being sicced on them, basic human rights were being withheld from these people merely because of the colour of their skin.” The whole time she was explaining this to him, Lord put on the stupidest conservative-old-guy face he could muster, which must’ve driven Sanders even crazier.

Sanders dropped Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize win and his unparalleled humanitarian work to change the biased racial landscape in the United States, before concluding, “let’s not equate” him with “the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump.”

Lord blames liberals for Trump’s p*ssy-grabbing scandal

It’s interesting that Sanders would call out Trump as “the vagina-grabbing President,” referencing the “Access Hollywood” outtake that was found and released during Trump’s campaign in which he brags to Billy Bush (who lost his job as a result of the scandal) about being able to grab women “by the p*ssy” and getting away with it because he’s famous.

Lord blamed the scandal on liberals, because liberals have crazy ideas that women should be allowed to choose who grabs their genitalia, how nuts that idea is. Sanders is the liberal to finally call Jeffrey Lord on his sh*t. Lord believes that the reason for gun violence in America is abortion being legal. Surely it’s guns being legal, though, Jeff, did you ever think of that?

Social media users are attacking Lord, too

Sanders isn’t the only person Lord has riled up. A common theory is that Lord is just saying these things so he can trend on Twitter, and he’s succeeding, to be fair, but not in a positive way. One person responded to his comment that Trump is “the Martin Luther King of healthcare” by saying that “Jeffrey Lord is the Sean Spicer of Kellyanne Conways.”