How Morrissey has any fans at all is a complete mystery, to be honest. Pretty soon, the singer-songwriter is going to be selling some t-shirts with an ill-advised design on them. The t-shirt bears the quote, “I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside,” which is from his former band The Smiths’ song “Unloveable,” which back then meant it in more of an emo-y way, but now it’s been given new meaning because right next to the quote is a picture of James Baldwin’s African-American face.

Morrissey’s love for Baldwin is well-documented

So, that’s some pretty offensive merchandise Mogsy’s been flogging. James Baldwin is a famed writer and activist who’s written books such as “Go Tell It on the Mountain” and “Notes of a Native Son.” Baldwin is featured in Morrissey’s autobiography and his concerts frequently feature videos of Baldwin playing at them.

Now, one might think that Morrissey’s love for James Baldwin would prevent him from pulling a foolish and asinine move such as, say, putting his face on an ignorant and racist t-shirt. One might think that. It’s a ridiculously tone-deaf message that a white man can say he feels like a black man inside because apparently he knows what it feels like to be a black man and that’s totally fine.

Because it’s not! That’s very, very wrong.

The song quoted is ironic

Ironically, the first lyric of the song he’s quoting is: “I know I’m unlovable, you don’t need to tell me.” Oh, you’re unlovable, Morrissey? No kidding! You’re only denying black people their right to their own identity, no big deal.

It’s also ironic that Morrissey is one of the most outspoken advocates of liberal ideologies like vegetarianism and animal rights and yet here he is with a very ignorant and conservative view on black people’s place in society.

Morrissey’s racist new t-shirt will be available at his forthcoming tour of North America, but even if your taste is bad enough that you find yourself at a Morrissey gig, don’t let it get so bad that you buy this offensive t-shirt.