Harrison Ford, the 74-year-old star of “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones,” has been involved in another plane landing-related mishap. The incident took place on Monday in Orange County in California. The identity of the pilot has yet to be disclosed, so it could be Ford who was in charge of the plane, or it could be someone else entirely.

Flew directly over a Boeing 737

A couple of years ago, Ford had to crash-land at a different California airport, and now his private Aviat Husky plane has been flown directly above a Boeing 737 that was innocently parked on the runway, very nearly crashing into it and recklessly putting its passengers’ lives in danger.

The airport involved in the incident was John Wayne Airport.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) are now opening up an investigation into the incident to figure out how and why it happened, so they can sternly reprimand whoever is responsible. Ford may or may not have been flying the aircraft, the FAA have not yet identified the pilot of the plane.

Second plane incident since 2015

In 2015, Ford sustained a “fair to moderate injury” when he was flying his private plane into Venice, California, and lost control of the aircraft, forcing him to crash-land it on a golf course.

The FAA reports that the pilot of Ford’s plane, whether it was Ford or not, was communicating with air traffic control before the incident, relaying their official landing clearance, which all seemed fine and dandy, and then they “landed on a taxiway that runs parallel to the runway,” causing the near-miss with the Boeing 737, which was “holding short of the runway.”

The 737 was an American Airlines plane that was headed for Dallas, Texas.

There were 110 passengers as well as six crew members on board when Ford endangered them all. They managed to make it off the runway later that day.

Ford has a busy year

Ford’s upcoming films include a sequel to his classic “Blade Runner” entitled “Blade Runner 2049,” released in October this year, in which he stars alongside Ryan Gosling and we’ll finally find out if Deckard is a Replicant or not (although the mystery is a huge part of the original’s impact, so do we really want to know?), and, despite his age and despite the resounding hatred for “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” Ford is also starring in a new “Indiana Jones” movie aiming at a 2019 release.