It turns out totalitarian North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has an estranged half-brother, Kim Jong-Nam, and he’s just been killed by two assassins in an airport in Malaysia. The airport was the Kuala Lumpur airport. The assassins were two women using “poisoned needles.” The report is coming in from South Korean media outlets.

Assassins are believed to be North Korean agents

The two assassins are thought to be agents sent from North Korea. They escaped the scene in a taxi and remain at large. They still have yet to be caught by authorities. One news outlet from the area, Yonhap News, has also confirmed the killing of Kim Jong-Nam.

They cite a source in the South Korean Government with providing the information.

Police in Malaysia told reporters that a North Korean man had died on his way to a hospital from the airport in Kuala Lumpur. The police did not disclose the man’s identity or his cause of death. However, an employee at the emergency room he was being rushed to has spilled the beans on the details of his death. The employee roused suspicion by confirming that the dead Korean man was born in 1970 and had the surname Kim, the same as the North Korean dictator.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia confirmed the death of Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother of nuke-toting Kim Jong-Un, in an interview with the BBC, and also confirmed that an autopsy was underway on Kim’s body.

Kim had been in hiding

Kim was in hiding in Malaysia, trying to stay away from the limelight given the unpopularity of his family name and politics and the volatility of his totalitarian half-brother. He decided to go into hiding after the wakeup call of his uncle’s execution (that uncle being Jang Song-Thaek) made him realise how dangerous it is to be a Kim in the Koreas.

Kim was renowned for travelling a lot and spending very little time actually in the country. He had spoken out publicly against his family’s control over North Korea, which is probably what ticked off his brother and got him assassinated. There had been a previous attempt on Kim’s life in Macau back in 2011, which he narrowly avoided. Kim is the eldest son of deceased North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, whose finest work can be found in “Team America.”