It’s fair to say that 2016 hasn’t been a great year for films. “Batman v Superman,” “Independence Day: Resurgence,” “Warcraft,” “Jason Bourne,” “Suicide Squad,” “Ben-Hur,” and “Alice Through the Looking a Glass,” amongst many others, disappointed. But don’t give up hope, because there’s plenty to get excited about in 2017.


Surprise, year we’ll see a lot of superhero films. 2017 will see Gal Gadot’s wonderful portrayal of “Wonder Woman” getting her own Film as well as seeing her team up with everyone else from Ezra Miller’s Flash to Ben Affleck’s Batman to potentially Henry Cavill’s Superman if what we saw in “Batman v Superman” was the soil moving so that he could propel himself out of his grave and gloriously prove he’s really alive and his death was just a pointless BS ending to an overstuffed groan-fest.

Also coming in 2017 is the sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy,” so everyone must be excited about that. We’ll find out who Peter Quill’s (Chris Pratt) father is and get plenty more great banter between the team, who have new additions this time around, by the way, before teaming up with the Avengers in their next film but that’s not in 2017, that’s after. But we will see “Thor: Ragnarok,” a road trip through space starring Thor and the Hulk, and “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” featuring Tom Holland’s so-so Peter Parker from “Civil War” in his own solo adventure. There’s also “Logan,” Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine.

‘Star Wars!!!’

This year’s “Rogue One” was great, there’s no denying that, but it didn’t answer any of the questions that have been bugging everyone since last year’s “The Force Awakens.” In 2017, we’ll find out what’s going on with Luke, where Kylo Ren’s journey will take him next, how Rey’s family connections tie into her being a Jedi, who or what exactly Supreme Leader Snoke is, how they’ll deal with the death of Carrie Fisher etc.

as “Star Wars Episode VIII” will be rolling out into cinemas. We’ll revisit all our new favourite characters from Maz Kanata to Poe Dameron to Captain Phasma, with a healthy dose of old characters like Luke and Leia and Chewie and C-3PO, all the gang will be back, and if that’s not cause for excitement, I don’t know what is.

And a whole bunch of others

There’s too many exciting new films in 2017 to count. The live-action “Beauty and the Beast” remake with Emma Watson, “War for the Planet of the Apes,” the sequel to “World War Z,” “American Made” with Tom Cruise, Pixar’s dark “Cars 3” and “Coco,” sequels to “Kingsman” and “John Wick” and “xXx” and “Trainspotting,” a “King Kong” prequel, the list goes on! Statistically, some of them have to be good. They can’t all be disappointments. Hopefully.