Short Recap: Rudra is Alive thanks to Shivangi, who brings him back to life, from the world of the dead!!

Rudra, the new Ichadaari-Naagin from Naagin 2 TV Show, is killed by Ruchika and Avantika in a fight, and later burried in front of Shivangi's eyes. But Shivangi won't let this happen, and she exhumes him immediately after the criminals are gone, and brings him to Guru-Dev, who finds a way to save him. This way, Shivangi goes into the Sea and has a fight, risking her own life, and bringing the cure for Rudra, saving his life. When he wakes up and realizes her sacrifice, the Blue Ichadaari-Naag promises himself that from that moment, he won't revenge only his wife's death, but also the revenge of Shyvania, Shivangi's mother, is now his own one.

After these moments, the show goes on and at the end of the episode, another surprise shows up, with Ankush Raheja's comeback in Naagin 2 on the TV Screen! Nobody was expecting this! Now, what next?

Who is Rudra and Why Do We Like Him?

Rudra has entered the show with a shade of mystery and thrills, but it has came out that he is the biggest alliance of Shivangi, and a great friend and protector for her, in her fight for the revenge of her mother. Everyone was sad and upset with Rudra's death, and we are very happy to find out that he is well and safe, regaining his powers in guru's temple and charging himself with a lot of new, fresh energy, in order to re-enter the action with Avantika, Ruchika, Yamini and the other two killers and help Shivanya achieve her main goal!

What Next in Naagin 2?

Ok, now that everything is alright within the 2 ichadaari-naag/naagin, what is going to happen next between Shivangi and her husband, Rocky? It seems like even they are upset, Rocky still bandages Shivangi when she gets hurt, and still cares about her. Yet, he is talking about separation, at the end of the 18th episode of the TV Show Naagin 2.

Is Shivangi going to find out the truth about her husband and will he gain her trust before it will be too late? Well, probably she will, but let's not be too happy yet! For now, we can celebrate Rudra's come back to life, and keep watching Naagin 2 to see what's going to happen next!

Are you curious? What do you think, will Rudra cheat Shivangi, the way Shesha has cheated Shivanya, or will he be loyal until the end?