Naagin 2” has successfully climbed the rating charts and how! The show has been competing aggressively through twists and superlative VFX and constantly giving every show on Indian Television a run for its money. This Ekta Kapoor’s super natural thriller has not only created a huge fan base but has created an almost cult following not once but also for its second season in a row.

Yamini blames Shesha for Vikram's death

The fact that Shivanya the Icchadhari Naagin got married to Rocky just to seek revenge from him is not a secret. And though Shivangi’s mother Shivanya is dead, the mystery of who exactly killed her and how she died is yet to be revealed on the show.

According to online reports Yamini will now bring Shivanya’s murderer to limelight and finally reveal who he is. Shivangi will kill Vikram and and take the avatar (form) of Maheshmati. Yamini will create more drama with her accusing Shesha for Vikram’s death. Yamini will start believing the fact that Shesha was the main reason behind Vikram’s death. Shesha will try her best to explain the reality to Yamini that she did not kill Vikram and that he was attacked but Yamini won’t believe her. With this a masked man will enter “Naagin 2” who will be showcased as Shivanya’s murderer. Though the details of who exactly is this character is not revealed yet, chances of him being a new character altogether are quite high.

Shivanya's murderer is a masked man for now

This latest twist in the show is expected to leave the die-hard fans of the show spellbound to be the least. Also since the entire family is related to the murder in some way or the other, it will be extremely crucial to see who exactly killed Shivanya. The current track of Rudra and Shivangi is also gaining popularity and Kinshuk Mahajan has been loved in his character of Icchadhari Naag who has saved Shivanya's life time and again. We will have to wait and watch how fans react to the new entry on the show.

“Naagin 2” airs on Colors TV Saturday and Sunday 8.00 pm IST.