"Ishqbaaz" aired on Star Plus channel in India Monday to Saturday is taking new turns every day.

The Monday, December 12th episode began with all the members of the Oberoi family gathering at the main hall. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) come down the stairs of the magnificent Oberoi mansion. Dadi (Grandma) asks Shivaay if he has given any gift for his wife after the wedding. Tia (Navina Bole) say's Shivaay had promised her a gift, and she wants it now.

At this time Shivaay says that Anika's gift is ready, he claps and asks someone to bring the gift.

The gift is wrapped in a box, and he gives it to Anika and tells her to open it.

Shivaay gives divorce papers to Anika

Anika opens the gift wrap and is shocked to see what is inside it, Rudra picks the box and checks the gift. The gift is nothing but divorce papers.

Tia is so happy to see this and tells Anika to sign the papers immediately and give it now and get lost. Tia starts asking for a pen to everyone.

At this time, the handicapped boy Sahil (Anika's little brother) enters the house, and he starts walking towards Anika and the others, he slips and falls. Anikaa rushes to his aid. Shivay remembers how this boy had asked him to give his gift when he was asked to walk and take it. He feels sad that this boy is disabled.

Shivaye then calls his manager and tells him why he didn't tell him that Anika's brother Sahil is handicapped.

Anika tries to move out of the Oberoi family.

In the next scene, Dadi and Shivaay's two brothers Rudra and Om are seen persuading Shivaay to convince Anika to not to go out of the house.

All these three plead him to stop Anika as she is going out of the Oberoi Mansion after she was given divorce papers.

As Annika bids adieu to all the members and is about to move out of the house, Shivaay comes in front of her and asks her where she is going.

Anika says she is going to her own house. Shivaay says that she has no house and he had already bought her house and now it is his. Anika is shocked to hear this.

Anika says she had borrowed money from Dadi and she will return it soon. For this Shivaay says Rs 30 lakhs ($30,000) is not a small amount and she won't be able to repay it even in her next birth.

Shivaye shocks her even more by saying he sold her house to recover the cost and profit in business terms.

Anika cries and tells him that he has got her now on the streets. Shivaye tells her that until the divorce formalities are completed she and her brother Sahil can stay in this house.

The episode ends with Shivaay able to convince Sahil and Anika to stay back at the Oberoi Mansion.