In 2017, Warner Bros will be releasing the 'Justice League' movie, part of their DC Extended Universe which has so far included "Man of Steel", "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad". The studio has already confirmed the film's heroic lineup who, aside from the more fleshed out role of Wonder Woman, were given a cameo in the "Dawn of Justice" movie. The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman herself will be joining those pantheons of superhero cinema, Batman and Superman. Now another hero is rumoured to be joining the mix according to entertainment website The Wrap.

The green lantern may finally be returning to our cinema screens.

History of the Green Lantern

Green Lantern made his first DC comic book appearance in 1940 but was later reinvented in 1959 when the character of Hal Scott joined the interstellar Green Lantern Corps. Each member of this intergalactic police force are given a power ring which gives the bearer unique abilities according to the willpower of the user. Ryan Reynolds bore the ring when in 2011 he starred as the Green Lantern but the film was a big letdown for audiences and critics alike. It may seem like a bold move on Warner Bros part to bring the character back to their second DC film of next year, following the release of "Wonder Woman".

However, it is an entirely sensible choice. The studio is currently working on another big screen adaptation of "Green Lantern Corps" set for release in 2020. Therefore it is necessary to reignite audience excitement for the character and his possible appearance in next year's "Justice League" movie makes a lot of sense.

For the fans

In the meantime, DC fans will be hoping the extended cut of 'Suicide Squad', released on Blu Ray in the UK on December 13th, will expand on the villainous characters, including Harlequin and the Joker, seen in this year's theatrical version.

Here are some more dates for your diary but they are of course subject to change.


June 17: Wonder Woman

November 17: Justice League


March 16: The Flash

July 27: Aquaman


April 5: Shazam!


April 3: Cyborg

July 24: Green Lantern Corps