"MasterChef India 5" an Indian television drama, influenced by Master Chef Australia, based on extracting best cooking talent from the selected is aired on Star Plus over the weekends i.e. Saturday and Sunday on primetime.

Having bestowed India with hidden cooking skills in the previous seasons, it is one of the most top rated reality shows, popular among women and men interested in cookery.

Final six contestants in the race

The six contestants holding the forte in the previous episode were Kirti, Ashima, Siddharth, Dinesh, Anagha, and Jatin. The world famous chef, Chef Nooror was the invited guest judge who challenged the participants to prepare a dish with Thai ingredients, facsimile to her dish Blue Treasure, to be prepared and presented within the two hours stipulated time.

Whereas Dinesh and Anagha were given the safe badge, Jatin, Siddharth and Kirti had to face the elimination round with Ashima being announced as the winner and rewarded Rs1 lakh for the same.

Siddharth who had been facing the elimination was marked safe whereas Jatin, had to step back and leave his dreams behind for he was eliminated.

Vidya Balan, the famous Bollywood actress, was seen dazzling the sets of Master Chef as a special guest to promote her film ‘Kahaani 2’, and her equally charming off-screen charisma, evoked peals of laughter and applause on the sets.

A quick recap of the episode on 3rd December:

For viewers who love the show, keep attuned for more nerve-wracking and scrumptious dishes from the contestants to stay in the competition a little longer and for viewers who are not that passionate about cookery but are piqued by Ranveer Singh, the handsome Bollywood actor.

Keep yourself glued as his co-star, the beautiful Vaani Kapoor will join him as a special guest in the episode on the 3rd to mark their presence and instigate the audience for their forthcoming Hindi movie "Befikre."

Vidya Balan on 'MasterChef'

The winner of the fourth edition was Nikita Gandhi and Neha Deepak Shah was the first runner-up. The winner of this edition will also get a cash prize of Rs 1 crore.