‘Ishqbaaz’ TV show aired on Star Plus channel in India is taking new twists every day with Tia accusing Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) of making her pregnant and even the DNA reports proving that the child is of Shivaay.

The Tuesday, (December 27, 2016) episode

The show begins yet again with an argument between Anika (Surbhi Chandna), Shivaay's wife, and Tia. Anika tells her that she is the real wife of Shivaay and challenges her that she will expose her real identity. Tia tells her to start packing her bags as now it is proved that she is pregnant with Shivaay's child and she will be given a divorce.

The next scene shows Tia and her two evil elder sisters talking about how to tackle Anika. One of them tells Tia that we have a bigger motive and our intention is not to get disturbed for a small pawn like Anika. Tia say's Anika is not as easy as they all think and she is the biggest threat to them because she is the daughter-in-law of the Oberoi's.

Tia's family flashback

There is a story behind the three Kapoor Sisters desire for revenge towards the Oberoi family. A flashback scene shows the three little sisters crying in front of her mother over their father's death. Her mother is seen taking the little girls' promise that they will grow up and destroy the Oberoi Empire. Now all three decide to first tackle Anika.

Meanwhile, Anika motivates the stressed Shivaay and tells him that she trusts him and he should not give up so soon.

Tia brings media to Oberoi Mansion

Tia is up at it again, this time she brings the entire media in the front of the Oberoi house and pressurizes Shivaay to issue a statement regarding their child. Just for the sake, Shivaay tells them that it's their personal family matter and he is happy with Tia's pregnancy news.

Next scene. In the kitchen again Anika and Tia start their argument over who stays in the Oberoi house. Anika accuses Tia giving someone's child the name of Oberoi's. Tia repeatedly insults Anika by calling her shameless and to get out of the house.

Anika tells her that she will only go out when Shivaay tells her. Tia says Shivaye will soon give her the divorce papers and she will have to sign.

Next scene: Tia takes the food that Anika is taking to Shivaay and tries to tell him that he needs to divorce Anika soon because time is running out for them as she is already three months pregnant. Shivaay tells her that he will decide what needs to be done and Tia need not worry about it.

Tia and sisters vow revenge on Oberoi family

Tia goes and complains to her sisters about Anika's behavior towards her but, but they caution her that she is losing focus and stressing too much on Anika. They tell her that their aim is to destroy the Oberoi empire.

Tia mother tells them tomorrow is going to be a big day as Shivaay is going to get the shock of his life. The episode ends.