The plan to move The Voice to ITV was always going to lead to some sort of shake up regarding the format, production and – most importantly – the line up of coaches. Today's announcement that Tom Jones is to return to the big red spinning chair (presuming it remains red and isn't altered to more ITV-friendly colour) is one that fans probably weren't expecting. The loss of Ricky Wilson, following his own recent decision to call time on his role on the show, meant that there was a clear spot to fill, but why has Jones returned?

Sir Tom returns to lower pay and a new channel.

Reports that the Welsh superstar's deal with ITV includes a massive pay cut have fuelled the fires of the rumours surrounding his departure from the BBC talent show last year. At the time, it was claimed that Jones could not get along with the BBC and they dropped him, causing outrage among many keen fans. In the 2015 series, Jones was receiving a reported £500,000 a year to act as coach and mentor to his team of wannabe pop stars and 'unique” musical acts. New claims suggests that this has plummeted to £150,000 for the upcoming 2017 series. This suggests that he is keen to return to the show now that it is in new hands, and perhaps money was never the issue.

Furthermore, it seems that Sir Tom was the one to contact the production company, Talpa, not the other way around.

The move to ITV is surely the last chance for this talent show to prove itself and come out from under the shadow of the more-successful X Factor. X Factor itself is struggling this year, with one of their own judges quitting mid-run, but at least that show has created global superstars that have massive success.

The 2016 series of The Voice is still in progress, with the battle rounds beginning this weekend, but many fans will be looking at that line up of chairs and considering all the other changes that may take place for 2017. Will Will-i-am, Paloma Faith and Boy George stay on and, if not, who could be joining Tom Jones for what may be the final run?