Bigg Boss 10 1st November 2016 Written Update

Swami is made as ruler of the house. Swami sits in the position of authority and requests his servant(Bani) to secure Gaurav imprison. Naveen says to Swami that Manveer will do errand behind Swami, he needs to listen to Manveer.

Swami says why would it be advisable for me to give my footage to Manveer? Manu says you will get slaughtered in the event that you dont tune in. Manveer says bodyguard will live and ruler will be killed. Manu says he get will get slaughtered on a puranmasi night(night of the full moon) or we can secure him imprison.

Swami says to Manveer(Prince) that spouse ought to take after requests of her significant other. Niti(Princess) says who said this? these are your s*xist sees, a little girl in law can do anything that she needs. Naveen yells on Niti that dont attempt to diminish the significance of lord, all are stunned to see Naveen shouting on top of his lungs at Niti and Rahul tries to change turban of Swami.

Swami says this is a piece of the plan to murder me. Rahul says you cannot continue saying anything on Tv that we are attempting to murder you. Swami says you came here with the aim to execute me. Rahul says I am remaining here, let's see who will place me in prison.

TIME : 9:15am

Mona says to Manu that at whatever point he sees a young lady, his heart skips the beat, Manu says I am allowed to be a tease till I am not wedded, Naveen says you are correct Mona.

Mona says to Manu that I requested that Bani partition work, however, she said that we approve of what we are doing, I dont have a particular work so I am working all over.

TIME : 10:30am

Manu says this time Mona will run with her Sona(gold) that is me. Naveen says if Manu is Swami's child and Mona is his girl then they are kind, Manu says think like in the event that she is your little girl and I am your child in law then won't I resemble your child as well?

Mona snickers at him, Manveer says it is demonstrated that Mona is not his little girl in light of the fact that Priyanka was his girl and she got ousted however Mona didnt.

TIME : 11:45am

Manveer says to Swami that we will go to the pool today, Swami says no I won't go, Lokesh says he doesn't need his forces to break up in water.

Manu and Manveer see Mona going in the pool in her games swimming outfit and shorts. Lokesh says to Manu we will go as well, Manu says I am going out to plant soon, Lokesh giggles.

TIME : 1:15pm

Manu says Bani is attempting to isolate Manveer from our group, Rahul attempted as well, they know it's futile to attempt on me, Mona says why you are supposing that way? Manu says our group is all in regards to the science of Manveer and me and they are attempting to irritate it.

TIME : 4:30pm

Average people are having lunch. Manveer inquires as to whether another person made roties? Lopa says Mona made it today. Manu says I requesting that they make think roties. Swami says they cook with such hard work and you individuals remark this way, Mona says no if it's not great then they ought to tell, Manu says no its great, this is delightful roti.

TIME : 5:15pm

Niti says to her group that Swami said in regards to Bani in a clever way, in fact, Manveer was chuckling, you said to Bani as though Swami said something terrible, Swami says didnt say much, he just said in kidding way that is Bani your better half Manveer? Manveer says not all things are the joke. Swami says to celebs that they are impelling Bani and Gaurav against me so you individuals name me,


Bigg Boss says to prisoners that selections are going to begin. Naveen won resistance errand so nobody will select him. Bigg manager requests that Mona comes to admission room. Swami says I will select my colleagues this time.

Bigg boss tells to inmates that nominated patients are MONA(4votes), and BANI(4votes), after that LOPA(3votes), also SWAMI OM(4votes), and MANU(4votes) with NITI(3votes), last MANVEER(3votes).