As much as some of us try to avoid 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', social-media doesn't always give us that luxury. This time though, it was the turn of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna to steal the spotlight and surprisingly there was no drama, just the birth of a very beautiful baby girl with an extremely unusual name.

Dream Kardashian was born on 10/11/2016

Thursday morning saw the on-off couple of less than a year welcome their first daughter together, weighing 7lbs and 5oz. The World waited with baited breath to find out her name, only to realise it's: Dream.

Yep, you heard correctly - Dream Kardashian.

Now, I don't know about you but that sounds to me like some kind of "Build A Barbie". I half expect to read: "Build your Dream Kardashian, today..." as the slogan.

Twitter reacts to Dream Kardashian

The one thing I like about stories like these is reading/seeing how Twitter reacts. Avid and witty tweeters have a knack for always entertaining, and they weren't about to disappoint. Cue the memes, inappropriate tweets, GIFS and hysterical comments.

Other tweeters were pretty complimentary about the unique but very unusual choice...

Personally, I'm very happy for the couple.

I mean, they've had their fair share of ups and downs. There were even doubts over the paternity of the child, which was cleared up on their reality show "Rob & Chyna".

Granted, the name may be a little cringe, but Celebrities are notorious for it. Let's remind ourselves that Dream isn't the first unusual name that the Kardashians have chosen to give to their children.

Rob's second-eldest sister Kim has chosen the likes of 'Saint' and 'North'.

The Kardashians deserve some happy news

Also, happy news is just what the World needs right now what with the elections and Kim Kardashian's tragic Paris ordeal last month where she was the victim of an armed robbery.

New images have emerged of the newborn (posted by Rob Kardashian) where he places a side-by-side shot of his bundle of joy along with an image of his late father Robert Kardashian, an American attorney most famous for being OJ Simpson's representative lawyer in his 1995 murder trial.

The late Robert Kardashian and Dream look eerily similar

I'll let you judge for yourself but the resemblance is uncanny if you ask me...

Rob captioned the collage with: "She's an exact copy. Pops sent us an angel. It's truly a blessing. He's happier than anyone on this day (prayer hands emojis) I'm so happy and thankful (smiley face emoji) GOODNIGHT".