The 2016 Thanksgiving will be remembered for the much anticipated return of a cult TV show: "Gilmore Girls". The TV show started on October 5th, 2000 and ended in May, 2007. The last season wasn't penned by the original creators Amy and Dan Shermann-Palladino.

5 reasons why you need to watch the revival

There could be a million reasons why "Gilmore Girls" is definitely a must-see and this new mini-season is not another unrequited continuation.

Each of the four one-hour-and-half movies will be written and directed by Shermann-Palladino. She is finally going to be able to end the TV Series with her famous 4 words that weren't included in the original series finale.

There is such a great amount of speculation. Lauren and Alexis shot a video where they asked people not to spoil the ending.

The cast doesn't seem to have aged: Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Kelly Bishop are looking the same as they looked 10 years ago and Milo Ventimiglia is like wines: with age he gets better.

Netflix is the TV's "Eldorado": with so many great productions, it can be labelled as the home of quality Television.

We will be able to have a glimpse of almost all the characters: with the exception of Edward Herrmann, who saddendly died in 2014, the show will welcome back the Stars Hollow's community. Richard Gilmore won't be forgotten: Emily, Lorelai and Rory will pay homage to him.

We will have a proper conclusion for Rory's lovelife. Let me be honest: I was really happy that Rory chose her own realization at the end of season 7, but we need to have something to let our imagination fantasize about. Jess, Dean and Logan will all appear in the revival, but will she choose one of them?

'Gilmore Girls' Revival Final Trailer:

If you are not sold yet, have a look at the final trailer of "Gilmore Girls"'s new season:

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