There's an actor called Shah Rukh Khan who works and lives in India and wakes up every morning to the same 600 million $ growing fortune also amassed by powerful rap icon and mogul Jay-Z. He's barely mentioned in the western press but it happens he's the biggest star in Bollywood, a flourishing movie industry which grows every day more influential and threatening to the secular global hegemony of the Hollywood studios. From Sylvester Stallone to Kylie Minogue, many Celebrities of the occidentalworld have smelled the deal and flew abroad to work in the high-budgeted, shiny Indian productions.

Indian stars are frequently employed by Hollywood too but according to numbers these 11 Bollywood icons can definitely state there's no place like home.

11 wealthiestBollywood stars and their American counterparts

1 -Shah Rukh Khan, $600 millions net worth. Khan is just as rich as Jay-Z ($610 millions)

2 -Amitabh Bachchan, $402 millions. He starred in 12 flop movies before his first hit ‘Zanjeer’, now he's a couple of millions richer than Johnny Depp ($400 millions)

3 - karan Johar, $200 millions. Karan's fortune equals that of pop idol Justin Bieber

4 -Salman Kahan, $200 millions. Rich as Hollywood legend Robert De Niro

5 -Aamir Khan, $185 millions netted. Catching up with Denzel Washington

6 - Akshay Kumar,$180 millions.

Wealthy as r'n'b icon Usher

7 -Preity Zinta, $145 millions. The only woman in this list, almost as rich as ubiquitous Jennifer Aniston

8 -Saif Ali Khan, $140 millions . On his way to top Kanye West

9 - Kamal Haasan, $100 millions . Rich as Caitlyn Jenner

10 - Shashi Kapoor, $80 millions. According to his bank account, he's basically the Matt Damon of India

11 -Dharmendra,$70 Millions net worth.

The actor has been struggling for years but now he's laughably rich, just like comedian Chris Rock.

Indianstars also seem to be humbler and more discreet about their fame and fortune than their American colleagues; for a Kanye West who declares "I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things" a more grounded Shah Rukh Khan believes "Success and failure are both part of life. Both are not permanent". Badhaai Ho, Bollywood!