It's been a tough year or so for diehard Top Gear fans. Firstly, they had to suffer seeingtheir favourite programme crumble in front of their eyes after JeremyClarkson was given his marching orders. Then, they had to endure thedisappointing reboot of Top Gearhelmed by Chris Evanswhich only managed to retain a fraction of last year's viewing figures. But maybe, just maybe,there's light at the end of the tunnel for all those loyal petrolheads: Clarkson, Hammond and May will soon be returning to our screens in a brand new Amazon Prime seriesintriguingly titled 'The Grand Tour'.

The Grand Tour- a £160 million gamble

Clarkson, Hammondand May, along with producer Andy Wilman, have been handed an eye-watering budget of £160 million pounds with which to deliver a top-notch show. For Amazon, the goal is simple: they want to herd a hugenumber of the trio'sfans to sign up to Amazon Prime, theannual membership scheme which offers free delivery, music, books, movies and, you've guessed it, tv shows. Since it'll likely be the only place towatch The Grand Tour, at least for the foreseeable future, fans will have nochoice but to stump up the cash if they want to watch the show. In turn,the huge budget brings hugepressureforClarkson et al. Can they still deliver the same level of entertainment on The Grand Tour that they achieved during Top Gear's heyday?

Jeff Bezos, the Amazon CEO will certainly hope so. Quite simply, The Grand Tour has to be a success, the bottom line demands it.

What can fans expect from The Grand Tour?

So far, 36 episodes have been commissioned, split into three series of twelve. Everyshow will be filmed in a different location around the world (hence the title 'The Grand Tour') froma giant tent complete with the show'slogo on the roof.

Thefirst location wasJohannesburg in South Africa and itis understood that theUS, UK and Germany can expect shows to be filmed there too in the coming weeks. Those interested in attending filming can apply forticketsand it is imagined that Clarkson, Hammond and Maywill try to replicate thebanter they had with the audience during the filmingof Top Gear.

Of course, cars willbe the main focus of the series and no doubt we will be treated to all manner of races, challenges and stunts just like we've seen in the past.

And that's just about all we know at the moment. All that remains is for everyone to wait patiently until Autumn 2016 and let Jezza and his chums deliver a stonking good show. Here's hoping that they manage just that, for the sake of fans and accountants alike!