Star Trek TV series arouse our imagination, when in a voyage across the Milky Way, the Enterprise searched for other worlds and civilizations going to where no man had ever gone before. In the vast expanses of this galaxy, the spaceship came across a planet known as Vulcan and made contact for the first time with extraterrestrials. A rare civilization and strange planet situated much closer to its parent star than earth is to the sun. In the Star Trek plot, Vulcan is the home planet of capable in reasoning and logical Spock.

Fictional "Star Trek" Vulcan

This fictional planet was first mentioned in the the original TV series of Star Trek. Its creator places this planet orbiting the star Eridani 40 A, which lies 16 light years from earth. Vulcan is a red dwarf planet. Its inhabitants are known as Vulcanians. The majority of its surface comprises mountains ranges and deserts, with preserved wilderness areas. It´s much hotter and with a stronger gravitational force than the earth. It also possesses a thinner atmosphere; as a consequence, when humans visit it, they get worn out faster than Vulcanians.

Mr. Spock´s world

The fictional Vulcan lies a little offset from the habitable zone of 40 Eridani A, which is the distance where a planet must be situated to be able to let life proper.

This is the zone where liquid water and other factors suitable for life are known to exist. The imagined Vulcan location closer to its parent star than earth is to the sun provides it with characteristics that make it habitable by beings with other physical characteristics different from humans.


Vulcans are some Kind of humanoid species best portrayed by Captain Spock in Star Trek series.

They possess qualities that only allow them to use reason and logic in their lives without disclosing any emotions. They´re stronger, faster and have a longer life span that may extend to 220 years. They can live without water for weeks and also go without sleep for two weeks. In the series, Vulcans are the first extraterrestrial that made contact with humans.

40 Eridani

This is a triple star system situated 16 or so light years away from earth in the constellation Eridanus. The main star in this system is 40 Eridani A-a dwarf star that is the fictional sun of Vulcan and can be seen by the naked eye from earth. The binary system 40 Eridani B and C comprises a white and red dwarf, respectively. From fictional Vulcan, this system of Stars shine brightly viewed from Vulcan.

Star Trek and the enterprise Spacecraft showed us the unimaginable worlds and beings that fiction can bring into the minds of those who are fans of this kind of genre. The stars, worlds and and other planets are not far from the reach of humans in this era of space exploration, expanding the advancement in Astronomy.