Every Game of Thrones fan is waiting eagerly for April 2016 to arrive because the next most anticipated season of the most loved and followed HBO Show GOT premieres on 24th April 2016. While the wait is becoming a torture with the fans hoping to somehow pull April closer, the big budget fantasy makers have released the first trailer for the sixth season and its taking over the internet like crazy.

The highlight of the trailer is Jon Snow lying in a pool of blood because it puts an end to the long debate about his character’s death on the show. One can hear the voice of Ser Devos in the very beginning of the trailer saying “he’s gone” indicating and confirming the death of Jon Snow.

But then one can never really predict Game of Thrones, speculations suggest he still might be alive. Jon Snow might be playing a dead in this season, no one still knows his exact character arch even after this trailer. The trailer which is around one minute and forty seconds long gives too much information which only heightens the already peaked anticipation for the season premiere. At one point in the trailer Bran Stark and Night’s King are seen side by side, a scene which will give all GOT fan sleepless nights till the first episode is telecast in April 2016. Also a sad Melisandre, and Khaleesi walking amongst ordinary crowd is shocking the fans in every way possible.

The season will premiere on HBO and simultaneously on Sky Atlantic so that UK fans don’t miss out on the GOT madness.

The first five episodes of the season five had been leaked and thus this season the makers have decided to not send any previews to media outlets.

Game of Thrones Season 6 is special more also because of the fact that this is the first season to go beyond the bestselling book series A song Ice and Fire written by George R. R.

Martin. Even the fans who have read the books have no clue about the story and plot of this season. The seven kingdoms, its kings, queens and its violence looks all set to create hysteria all over again.

You can watch the trailer here on their official channel -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuH3tJPiP-U