If you don't know who CL is, maybe telling you that the title of her new song is the perfect introduction would be too fierce, but that’s how she is: fierce!

Kpop fans had a few days of excitement thinking that YG Entertainment will finally hold the comeback of their best girl group, 2ne1. Instead, on exactly 21st of November, CL, the leader of the group had the comeback. It wasn't something unexpected, judging by the fact that the singer gained a lot of attention overseas and fans are waiting for her American debut, but the group had a long standby period and fans started to worry.

Many scandals and rumours are spreading on the internet, some say that the lead vocal Park Bom drug scandal delayed the group come back, others say that now YG focuses only on CL and some even insist on the fact that the group will fall apart sooner or later. Instead of thinking of bad things, we should enjoy CL’s new song and surprisingly, the lyrics match the latest rumours.

The Queen, CL proved her badness just by the title saying Hello b*tches to everyone who talks bad about her. She’s known as the baddest female in K-pop and this song, is the living proof of CL being the craziest, the independent and fierce lady in the K-pop industry. Her rapping skills combined with her sweet voice and fabulous diva look made her very popular.

Artists as Will.i.am, Diplo and Skrillex were blown away by her talent and collaborated with her.Hello, b*tches is bold since the beginning of the video trough the end. Impressive is the fact that CL doesn't sing the song entirely in English. Even if her American debut is right around the corner, she kept the Korean lyrics in her songs and also some Korean cultural items are presented in the video.

Kpop is known for the colourful Music videos, elaborated choreographies and the mix between English and Korean and Cl’s video is no difference. Oh, and the crew behind this dance video, was also working with Tayeang on Ringa Linga, so it explains the crazy choreography.

So make sure you watch the new video and tell us what you think, is she the baddest female?