Twin Peaks ended its run in 1991. Twin Peaks is an American tv Series created by Mark Frost and David Lynch. It is the story of the FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) that arrives to Twin Peaks to investigate the death of the queen bee Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). This is just the beginning of a series of mysteries and crazy plot twists that brought the tv series to a cult status quo. The first episode aired on ABC. The first season consists of eight episode and the second of 22.

The series was a critical and broadcast success, but the ending was not satisfactory for both Twin Peaks' following and the writers.

In 1992 it was produced a prequel movie: Fire Walk with Me. The movie was based on Laura Palmer's diaries and it explained the events that brought to her disappearance.

Now like Laura Palmer said at the end of the series finale "See you in 24 years", we will discover the deepest secret of one of the most talked-about community. David Lynch announced in October 2014, that Showtime acquired the rights for a third season for a nine-episode limited series to air in 2016. All episodes will be written by creators David Lynch and Mark Frost. Then it followed the announcement of the members of the cast who are returning.

Kyle MachLachlan will return as Special Agent Dale Cooper, Angelo Badalamenti will compose again for the TV series.

But due to contracts problems in April, it was stated that the show was in a state of Limbo. David Lynch wasn't satisfied of the deal with Showtime and announced his exit. Fans all over the world were shocked by this decision and even all the members of the former cast recorded a video supporting Lynch.

Now it's official again.

It will come back with one season of eighteen episodes rather than eight. Lynch obtained more hours from the network, and we couldn't be more excited. At the Twin Peaks Uk Festival page, it was reported that Sheryl Lee might come back as the key figure Laura Palmer as well.

Here are some photos of the cast and the official third season poster of Twin Peaks!

Are you excited for this cult's comeback? What are your speculations?