Dr. Dre’s highly anticipated soundtrack album 'Compton' was released on Friday. The album compliments the upcoming N.W.A biographical film 'Straight Outta Compton' which is due for worldwide release on the 14th August. The album was premiered a day prior to its release and was available for streaming over a three hour period exclusively on Apple Music. This latest entry from Dr. Dre features the likes of Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg; musicians that he has worked with before and impacted significantly, career wise; the album is Dr. Dre’s first solo album release for 16 years with his last album '2001' being released in 1999.

The proceeds from this album are going straight into the community; Dre has said that the revenue will be used to fund a performing arts and entertainment facility in his native city Compton. “I feel it’s the right thing to do and I hope everybody appreciates the work that I put into this album” were the rapper's words on the matter per Rolling Stone magazine. As a billionaire, Dr. Dre has little to no use for the money that the album makes but a lot of fans will be appreciative of the gesture, given that they are getting a new album that they have been waiting over a decade for and seeing the money being put to good use.

Dr. Dre stated that this project will be his last, mentioning that it is a ‘grande finale’ which is sure to cause disappointment amongst his most loyal fans as well as followers of hip-hop.

This disappointment follows after the not so shocking revelation that the Compton born rapper/producer had cancelled his plans to release another very highly anticipated album 'Detox' which he first announced back in 2001; over a decade ago. The rapper had been rumoured to be working on another project concerning the planets in the Milky Way solar system, which Dr.

Dre himself stated was a reason for the delay in the now cancelled 'Detox' album. However if the rapper is sticking to his words, then it’s likely that fans will not be treated to that album.

The new 'Compton' album has been received well, garnering a four star rating from Rolling Stone; given the nature of the album, it seems a fitting for Dr. Dre to end his music career.