Eighties Children’s favourites Phillip Schofield and Andi Peters are among the former stars of CBBC who will return on 9th September to mark the 30th anniversary of its airing on the BBC. Their trusted sidekicks from those early days as presenters, Gordon the Gopher and Edd the Duck, are also expected to take their places once more alongside their human counterparts for a one—off Show.

Special show to mark the anniversary

A special sixty-minute show is planned for the day called Hacker’s Birthday Bash. The current presenters on CBBC, Hacker T Dog, Cel Spellman, Dodge T Dog and Katie Thistleton will act as the hosts, welcoming an expected 20 ex- presenters and puppets to reminisce on times gone by.

There will also be much interest no doubt in the identity of a brand new presenter, scheduled to be revealed live on the show in addition.

Nostalgic clips and memories

It promises to be a day high in nostalgia, including something for both the current and previous generations of viewers. Clips will be shown from the archives spanning the full 30 years, while past presenters from the past will reflect back fondly on their personal memories and participate in some of the classic CBBC games that have been featured.

Those early days in the 1980s

CBBC (initially referred to as ‘Children’s BBC’) launched on 9th September 1985, beckoning in a new era in children’s entertainment, in essence as a re-invention of Children’s Television which had existed since the 1960s.

Presenters were used to introduce and link the assorted programmes targeted at a children’s audience, but utilised puppets to provide many of the most amusing memories from the time.

A star is born

The fresh-faced Schofield became a household name from those initial screenings broadcast from a small control desk, which became affectionately known as the ‘Broom Cupboard’.

His partnership with Gordon the Gopher, a puppet gopher, was a popular double act between 1985 and 1987 on CBBC.

Saturday’s morning show Going Live! beckoned for them in 1987 and their place in The Broom Cupboard was taken by Edd the Duck in 1988, initially pairing up with Andy Crane and later with Peters.