Bruce Willis turned 60 just a few months ago but the American actor, who is perhaps best known for his performance as John McClane in the 'Die Hard' series, is not ready to give up on action movies yet and will once again reprise his role as a fighter in an upcoming war movie.

Willis began his career on the off-Broadway stage and then moved to television, in the 1980s, where he successfully kicked off his career as David Addison in 'Moonlighting'. He then transitioned to Hollywood movies and quickly achieved worldwide notoriety for his role in 'Die Hard' [1988] and its sequels.

The American actor has appeared in over sixty films during his career, among them are some well-known hits such as 'Pulp Fiction' [1994], '12 Monkeys' [1995], 'The Fifth Element' [1997], 'Armageddon' [1998], The 'Sixth Sense' [1999], 'Unbreakable' [2000], 'Sin City' [2005] or 'Red' [2010].

Even though he turned 55, in 2010, Willis didn't give up on action movies, and has starred (although less intensively) in a number of high concept fighting films during these past 5 years such as 'The Expendables 2' [2012], 'Looper' [2012], 'G.I.Joe: Retaliation' [2013], 'Red 2' [2013] and 'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' [2014].

He is currently working on another action film, a 3D Chinese-language war epic, titled 'The Bombing' about Japan's aerial bombardment of the southwestern city of Chongqing during World War II.

The shooting of war epic started in May and is due to be released in early 2016. The movie is being directed by Xiaogang Feng, and will feature Bruce Willis alongside a cast of popular Asian stars, including South Korea's Song Seung-heon, Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and William Chen, and Chinese actor Liu Ye.

Willis, who plays a flying instructor in the movie, is a popular figure in China and the latest Hollywood actor to appear in an Asian movie.

Recently, popular Hollywood movie-star Christian Bale appeared in 'The Flowers of War' [2011], Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody starred in 'Back to 1942' [2012], Nicolas Cage was featured in 'Outcast' [2014], while John Cusack and the forementioned Brody had roles in Jackie Chan's 'Dragon Blade' [2015].