Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson is expected to learn on Wednesday that he has been sacked by the BBC after a "fracas" with a producer. The Daily Telegraph reports that Clarkson, who was suspended earlier this month, has been sacked by the corporation for a verbal and physical altercation with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon.

It was widely reported that the incident occurred when hot food was not provided after a day filming for Top Gear. The BBC reported that it was Clarkson himself who reported the incident to the BBC, who then suspended him and began an inquiry, led by BBC Director of Scotland Ken MacQuarrie.

The report has been handed to the BBC Director General, Tony Hall, who will announce the appropriate course of action.

Clarkson responded to the Telegraph report this morning by tweeting: "Just to keep everyone up to date, I haven't heard a thing." The newspaper also said that the BBC were looking to hire Radio 2 Breakfast host Chris Evans as Clarkson's replacement. Evans addressed the rumours this morning by saying they were not true.

The remaining three episodes from the latest series of Top Gear were pulled from the BBC 2 schedule while the investigation got underway. An online petition was created on the day Clarkson was suspended, which called for him to be reinstated. It recently reached 1 million signatures.

He thanked his supporters last Friday adding that he would learn his fate this week.

The suspension has led to rumours as to whether Top Gear would continue with Jeremy Clarkson. The popular series is screened in numerous countries around the world and is seen as the corporation's most profitable TV exports. The motoring magazine, which has been on the BBC since 1977, was revamped in 2002 under the guidance of Clarkson.

He was joined by Richard Hammond and James May as the trio attracted a new legion of fans.

Clarkson was filmed last week at a charity event in which he used a number of expletives when talking about his suspension. He later said his comments about the situation and the BBC management was meant as a joke.