Top Gear presenter and notorious loudmouth Jeremy Clarkson is set to be sacked from the BBC after an investigation found he did indeed assault a producer while filming. Earlier in the month, Clarkson had been suspended due to a 'fracas' with a producer and now it seems those action have lead to his being fired.

News broke that Clarkson was to be under investigation on March 1st after a reported 'fracas' with a producer; a situation where Clarkson spent 20 minutes verbally abusing Oisin Tymon, before physically attacking him. According to The Telegraph; Lord Hall, the General Director of the BBC, is set to make an official announcement of his decision today, after considering the findings of the investigation. Jeremy Clarkson is set to be sincerely thanked for his contributions to the BBC, including the hugely popular Top Gear show, but assured that such behaviour would not be tolerated.

The assault is said to have occurred after Clarkson was told he could not have steak and chips after filming, as the hotel they were staying had stopped serving hot food. Clarkson then decided to throw his mighty weight around and take it out on producer, Tymon. Surprisingly, despite their decision to ax Clarkson from the show, the BBC intend to continue producing Top Gear. According to some well known sources, Radio 2 Breakfast Show host Chris Evans is being considered to take over from Clarkson, with the BBC said to be "wooing the self confessed petrol-head".

What this means for Clarkson's former Top Gear presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, is yet to be known. The two have been loyally sticking by their friend and co-star throughout the entire investigation; will they leave the show on their own accord? Perhaps they'll join Clarkson on whatever the popular presenter will go on to do. Despite his controversial behaviour, one can't deny that Clarkson has a huge fan following and has greatly increased the shows popularity, with Top Gear raking in an estimated £50 million a year for the BBC.

Still, the decision is not one that comes lightly from the BBC as Clarkson is well known for his unjust and controversial behaviour. Most recently in 2012, Clarkson has been in hot water over accusations that he was using derogatory phrases and making remarks while filming in Burma. He also caused outrage in May 2014 by mumbling a highly offensive, racist word while on Top Gear and causing outcry while filming in Argentina by making reference to the Falklands.

Before the decision had been made, Clarkson's fans showed great support by signing an online petition to have the star reinstated from his suspension. How do you feel about the decision to boot him from the BBC?