AMC, the American cable channel that airs everyone’s favorite zombie TV show, Walking Dead, presented a new poster for the upcoming season 6 that will start in October. On the poster, the residents of Alexandria are clearly divided into two groups with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Morgan (Lennie James) standing in the middle, seemingly opposite to each other. Does this mean that the two of them will clash in season 6?

With Walking Dead’s spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead, premiering in August, there’s been only tidbits swirling around about season 6 of the original TV show.

Last week we mentioned that new members joined the cast, but the creators and casting agents have yet to find the actor who could play the rumored main antagonist of the new season, Negan. Negan is considered as the most iconic baddie in the comics, even surpassing The Governor, so the fans of the comics are really hoping that he will appear in the show in the near future.

Since every year Walking Dead has a winter break after the seventh or eighth episode, this poster can mean that the first half of the new season will continue to evolve around the internal conflicts of Alexandria. Now that a pacific Morgan has just witnessed Rick as he killed a man without hesitation in front of everyone, this may just create enough tension between them that the reunion will not be so happy after all.

As Rick has changed during the seasons, so has Morgan, as it was portrayed through his actions in the season finale this spring. Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh), the leader of Alexandria, struggled to reason with Rick about the peaceful state of the town, and in the end, after her husband’s death, she gave up her power to Rick. However, with Morgan entering the fold, things could change quickly in Alexandria.

Morgan could easily convince most of Rick’s crew about a new way to live that would stay true to Alexandria’s original purpose.

Walking Dead has always liked to present in detail the survivors’ internal conflicts (remember season 2?), so it is not far-fetched that we’ll see something similar in the first half, before a new threat, presumably the already shown Wolves, arrives at Alexandria.