The audience only have to wait barely another two months for the spinoff of the popular zombie TV-show, Walking Dead, to start in August. While everyone is excited about Fear The Walking Dead, which will take place solely in the urban world of Los Angeles, the original show is already preparing for the upcoming sixth season of the series, that will premiere this fall.

Walking Dead remained true to its reputation, and the show watchers saw the end of several beloved characters in season five. As it is the habit of the creators and the showrunners, they will introduce new characters in the upcoming season who could fill the void left by the deceased ones.

We already know one of these new characters, named Heath, who'll be played by Corey Antonio Hawkins (Non-Stop, Iron Man 3). Heath is a resident of Alexandria, who'll become a good friend of the show's popular Asian character, Glenn, played by Steven Yeun.

Aside from Heath, Walking Dead is searching people for at least two more roles, who will play a married couple in the show. The man, named Kirk, is a guy in his mid 20s, who used to be a simple worker before the zombie apocalypse, and always played by the rules. However, current conditions tell him that, in order to survive, he has to forget the law, and kill anyone who comes across his path. His wife, Hilda, who should be the same age as Kirk, is also a strong, charismatic character.

Both would be recurring characters in the show for the next season and beyond.

Although these names do not appear in the original comics by Robert Kirkman, there is a couple named Dwight and Sherry who fit into the aforementioned descriptions, so it's probable that they mixed the names to confuse the comics readers. If this is true, then they would join the show as soon as the season's antagonist, Negan, steps into the fold.

Walking Dead still hasn't found the proper actor for the role of Negan, who has the potential to be the biggest baddie of the show's history, even surpassing David Morissey's Governor.