A performance so distinct and perfect is making Bonetics-Junior a household name in the United Kingdom. The recent episode of Britain's Got Talent saw the participation of Bonetics, who goes by the name Junior. He is a 17 year old student from Essex who has been elevated from an ordinary school boy to a celebrity.

His dance and flexibility to bend each bone in his body got the judges of BGT totally spellbound. The jaw-dropping performance mesmerised Simon Cowell, who was spellbound to see Bonetics' energy. Junior came across as a shy boy who quietly absorbed the strong appreciative reactions of the audience as well as the judges.

He told the audience that dance had always helped him focus and keep his mammoth energy as a child controlled. He had tears in his eyes as the audience as well as the judges gave him a standing ovation.

Britain's Got Talent saw some funny and a few boring acts in the audition round, this season. Simon Cowell was clearly bored to see a few acts and tried to stop them in between. One prominently highlighted act was that of Lorraine Brown, a music teacher who went to the semi-finals after getting a golden buzzer from David Walliams.

Lorraine Brown, a 53 year-old piano teacher was buzzed off almost immediately by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon. But that did not stop the contestant who continued to sing and finally got an approval from the audience.

Following the audience's verdict, David went ahead and pressed the golden buzzer making Lorraine a surprise entrant at the semi-finals. Lorraine too had mesmerised the audience with her incredible energy as she crooned 'The Crumble Song'.

There were several surprise elements to the show that elated the audience and the judges.

A group of tiny tots, named Groove Thing, were a charming team that gave a marvellous performance. Another group consisting of five women aged above 65, called The Coconners, who ripped off their old pale clothes to emerge stunning in metallic bodysuit were also liked by everyone. Simon referred to them as the 'golden girls', who were a surprise package.

However, the performance of Bonetics-Junior stood out. He has become an internet sensation and has been getting messages from fans. His followers on Twitter have increased while the young boy is now thinking increasing the level of his next performance on the show.