Oil baron J. Paul Getty's grandson Andrew Getty was found dead in his LA home by the Los Angeles police department. Andrew was San Francisco's socialites Gordon and Ann Getty's second son and had recently sought a restraining order against an unknown woman, according to a news report by the Los Angeles Times.

According to the news reports, on Tuesday Getty was found dead, lying naked from the waist down in the bathroom of his Hollywood Hills home. While the exact reason of his death shall be known only once the investigation is over, primary observations point towards a blunt-force trauma which could have been a result of fall down or anything else.

The Getty family is known for its deep Hollywood connections and the news has shocked the community. Andrew Getty was the man behind the horror film "The Storyteller" which he wrote and directed in 2005 that starred Brianna Brown and Patrick Flannery. Balthazar Getty, who is also an actor, is Andrew's second cousin who is well known for his role in the epic drama "Brothers & Sisters".

Andrew's sudden death seems to be the latest tragedy to hit the Getty family. In 1999, Andrew's father Gordon Getty had officially declared having a second set of family living in LA. This Getty family drama had unfolded in media and became a headline when three girls filed documents in court requesting to change their last name to "Getty".

It was shocking for everyone to see the dark side of the philanthropist and socialite Gordon Getty which they thought they will never have to see.

Andrew Getty was a part of the Getty trust, thus making his death a more suspicious event. Even Andrew's current residence has a story to tell. Before Andrew Getty moved into his current apartment in 1996, it was home to Miklos Rozsa, a three time Oscar winning composer.

Upon an initial investigation, the authorities have claimed that Andrew's death appears to be natural but did not rule out the possibility of an accident resulting into death.

May Andrew's soul rest in peace and may the tragic events in the Getty family find a halt.