A brand new trailer for the third instalment of the Insidious franchise has landed online and it's just as freaky as you'd imagine. With James Wan helming the first two movies, this time around Saw actor Leigh Whannell will be making his directorial debut with Insidious: Chapter 3.

Working as a prequel for the first two movies, Insidious: Chapter 3 will tell the story of the how talented psychic Elsie Rainier (Lin Shaye) reluctantly agrees to help a poor young girl (Stefani Scott) who's being tormented by a dangerous, demonic spirit.

With Rose Bryne and Patrick Wilson bowing out of this flick, instead we've got the likes of Dermot Mulroney, Tate Berney and Angus Sampson to lead us through this haunting story. Being Whannell's first shot at directing, I'm pleasantly surprised by this horrifying trailer. Rarely does a prequel match the standers of it's influences but this actually looks as if it can match up to Wan's first two flicks. You can check out the new trailer on YouTube now!

With so many different horror flicks making their way to theatres this year, it will be interesting just to see how well Whannell can fit into the genre. Blumhouse Productions, the guys that brought you Ouija, The Lazarus Effect and The Purge, are behind Insidious: Chapter 3, so it really does hold high hopes for maintaining the same standard of scares.

This is quite the different role for Dermot Mulroney also. With roles in the likes of New Girl, My Best Friends Wedding, The Family Stone and The Wedding Date; as an audience, we're so used to seeing him in a romantic comedy role that his transformation to horror-dad seems a little deflating.

With young Stefanie Scott taking center stage as stalked teenager Quinn, you might recognise this starlet from the likes of Wreck-It Ralph, No Strings Attached and Sons of Tucson. With roles like these, Scott is onto a promising career and if she can pull off a role within this major horror flick franchise, it could really pay off for her career in the long run.

Insidious: Chapter 3 hits theatres June 5th 2015.