Having Fettuccine Alfredo dish on the table for lunch or dinner, for most people, is heaven sent. What we know about it depends on what we want to see on our plate like a rich topping of Parmesan cheese or a wealthy whip of melted cream cheese. But here’s an interesting fact you need to know about the most famous Italian pasta dish in the world.

When you came across native Italians and ask them if they are familiar with fettuccine Alfredo, they are sure to answer back with “Who’s Alfredo?” This circumstance proves that there is a varying notion regarding the famed superstar pasta.

“Who is Alfredo?” campaign

Cirio takes the initiative to lay down a groundwork of putting this difference out in the open while providing people with an opportunity to get together and share happy times. The company which is highly regarded for bringing products and recipes that are authentically Italian and not merely food.

Determined to accomplish such campaign feat, the #whoisalfredo contest is born. This contest is aimed to involve online customers in a very engaging competition which mainly focuses on the fettuccine Alfredo.

Cirio wants to capitalize on the notion that Fettuccine Alfredo is not a typical Italian dish, but a touristic restaurant serve! Thus, no one cooks Fettuccine Alfredo in their homes, so no one …will admit that he or she is Alfredo!

Answering “Who is Alfredo” mechanics

Given the fact that the age is in love with taking photos and photo-sharing in social media, contestant will have to take photo of themselves either alone or with their squad while eating or cooking the dish using Cirio products.

To be eligible, they should register at “Who’s Alfredo?’s mini site.

The registration is required so make sure to sign up manually or via a Facebook-linked log in. Each photo entry should wear the #ImNotAlfredo hashtag to ironically reaffirm or assure that nobody wanted to be Alfredo.

Contest guidelines

Note the following guidelines for the contest:

  • The act of uploading pictures can be repeated by each user with a frequency of 1 photo per day.
  • The possibility to share more pictures offers a higher chance of winning.
  • The pictures can be shared on personal Facebook timelines or inside the embedded gallery on the the mini-site.
  • The images uploaded onto the site’s gallery will be subject to moderation.
  • The campaign kicks off on June 15th until July 15th

What’s at stake here?

No contest is exciting without the prizes!

Cirio knows this best so it dedicates 31 Goodie Bags for the daily winners. Yes, winning happens daily here via instant win.

As per the grand price, the Italian company offers a grand travel package for 2 to the Cooking Holiday in Toscana from September 23 to 26. Wait, there’s more. There will be 10 grand winners who will win this fabulous price. Yes, you have it right. 5 pairs are travelling to Italy to for this once-in-a-lifetime culinary escapade.

However, grand winners must demonstrate the purchase of one Cirio product within the duration of the campaign and exhibit the receipt as proof.

Capping of, the “Who’s Alfredo?” initiative is always for the good cause that leads to the through value of eating together and enjoying what’s authentic on the table. As what Cirio says, their products are not merely food: they are fun, joy, passion for life, friends, family, love!