Come on, we’ve all done it - shamed a mate for sharing with us the contents of their plate on social media or the slightly less annoying selfie of themselves preparing said meal.

For one month only, from 15th June 2017, Cirio a Bologna based food giant, founded in 1856, are launching their #whoisalfredo contest, inviting entrants to upload and share foodie pictures on their website or even an infamous "food selfie", or a "cooking selfie". The latter is definitely a craze that is sure to take off. A goody bag a day is given away, but it's the Cooking Holiday in Tuscany that will have you wrestling a forkful of Spaghetti Bolognese in one hand and a camera/phone the other.

You're an “authentic” cook, but so you're no Alfredo

Whilst being a fun and daring enterprise, anything that encourages the food selfie must be at least a tad adventurous. Cirio are, in a way, drawing awareness to the dish or even Italian custom of Fettucine Alfredo. If you were to ask an Italian about this dish, you would often hear the retort: “Who’s Alfredo?”. Should you be quick witted enough, you can keep the tongue-in-cheek back and forth rolling with "I Panna Cotta clue".

This contest challenges the tendency to frown upon food pictures, especially those posted on social media. What better way to remove the shame from this once well practiced pastime than by using an Italian theme to do so - the country that takes pride in its pasta could be used to bring pride back into sharing foodie photos.

Cirio will ensure that each photo/upload will bear the #ImNotAlfredo hashtag: underlining the fact that no-one wants to be Alfredo, who is not “authentic”, but they can take a good food/cooking selfie or picture, all the same.

Freedom to celebrate that selfie

The good news is that images entered into the contest can still be shared immediately on social media forums.

With three entries allowed per day there is plenty of opportunity to hone a new skill and have fun while doing so. Cirio leave a lot to the imagination and are sure to get some creative entries. There is no Italian theme to the contest either, just any tomato based dish, so do not dispense with the idea of juggling seven golf balls whilst making a sticky toffee pudding, but it'd be advisable to get a mate to take the picture!

Giving competitions back some creativity

This contest/competition, whilst has a conviviality spirit, something that entrants are encouraged to capture in their submissions - it also encourages creativity and is helping to promote a sense of achievement in the winners, going against the general "send us your details and tick a box" competitions that flood the internet, these days.