The 2015 edition of the BRIT Awards took place yesterday, February 25, at the O2 Arena in London. But if you think that the news should be about the big winners of the night, you're wrong. The great news after the gala, were about Madonna's fall, during the presentation of her new single "Living For Love". The hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly, known collectively as Ant & Dec, mentioned several times during the gala that Madonna would return to the stage of the BRIT Awards, 20 years after her last performance. And that's what happened, Madonna returned on stage. But as soon as she started to sing, she fell. The internet reacted immediately and was followed by endless jokes about the event.

Madonna should untie the bullfighter cape she was wearing, which should be pulled later by the dancers. The performance, however, did not go well. Madonna could not untie the cover in time, and by the time the dancers pulled, the singer ended up falling back down the stairs, that linked the two levels of stage. The singer was not hurt and continued singing after falling, getting up immediately and continuing the show.

The video went viral, overshadowing the winners of the BRIT Awards.

On Facebook, we could also see some comments about her apparatus fall: "After so many years of career, she has ultimately proved that she has a 'fall' for Music." There were also those who said "I thought it was a beautiful remix of living for love (on the floor)". 

The Queen of Pop was quick to talk about what happened. About 1 hour after the fall, the singer posted a picture on all her social networks. In the small statement, Madonna wrote itself: "My beautiful Armani cape was tied too tight. But nothing can stop me and love lifted me. Thanks for all your messages. I'm fine!". Armani were also very quick, stating in their Twitter account "What a fantastic performance, Madonna, Brava! We are proud of you".

The performance in the BRIT Awards, and all the others that she's been doing in recent weeks, were to promote her 13th album titled "Rebel Heart" due out next March 10.