Ben Affleck loves to play in the Casino butit seems a recent misconduct during a game of blackjack has caused him to bebarred from playing at the Hard Rock Casino. Casino security caught him doingthe "perfect basic" strategy or card counting when he played blackjack at thehigh rollers table last April 28. Based on reports, Affleck was using $100bills to keep track of the count.

An alert was made regarding Affleck'sactions and the strategy he used. This alert was forwarded to nearby casinos inSin City the very next day.

Although counting cards is not reallyillegal in casinos, those who use it are commonly kicked out of the game.Luckily for him, because of his superstar status perhaps, casino security didnot kick Affleck out.

In fact, they were very genial in their approach. Thehotel even got a car to get them back to the hotel where they were staying.

Affleck's wife Jennifer Garner was with himin Nevada that time but it is unknown whether she was with him at the tablewhen he was cautioned by the casino security.

After the incident, there were reports thatthe actor has been banned totally from the Hard Rock Casino but a rep from theCasino denied such claims and said that the actor, who is a valued guest, isnot banned from their hotel and is welcome any time.

Now, Affleck's record is not squeaky-cleanwhen it comes to playing blackjack. Just a few days before the incident, RobOlivetti, Games Protection Manager at the Wynn and Encore casinos sent thealert about Affleck being too obvious in moving his money with the count.

Hewas labeled as an "advantage player" in the alert sent out. No doubt thiswarning gave Hard Rock Casino security the heads up when Affleck sat down theblackjack table.

If Affleck is affected by what happenedhe's not showing it much. He did look a bit upset when he found a parkingticket on the windshield of his 1966 Chevy on Friday. Anyway, he won't havemuch time to brood over the casino incident since he'll be very busy filmingBatman very soon.