The reason behind many people's dislike of the European Union is the belief that the country is being controlled by an entity that is somewhat removed from the country. Essentially, it is 'they have no right' mentality that has stemmed from the fact that we had no say over joining in the first place.
Though, I can see this point of view, I cannot say that I completely agree with this standpoint as it is an exaggeration to suggest that the European Union controls everything. The United Kingdom has its own legislature and creates laws for itself.

This may stem from the fact that the United Kingdom was not one of the founding members and so seems as though the country is forced to accept rules they did not help to create. This reasoning is particularly fitting when the law to which the situation relates is unpopular - if the law was understood and agreed, there would be no dispute.

Whether it is true or not, politicians are seen as being willing and capable of saying anything to further their own ends. This can include holding someone or something else to blame for some necessary action, while maintaining their own best interests. It gives the impression that the country - or more specifically, the politicians - are making excuses.

The idea that the people elected to run the country can throw their hands in the air and shrug their shoulders is too simplistic, to my mind. I understand that others may believe this excuse and, accordingly, lay the blame for something they don't like at the feet of the European Union. However, my first instinct is to look closer to home.
Great Britain is a member state like its counterparts and the European Union is not a dictatorship, so I am not inclined to believe that a law was laid down by the European Union as if it is a separate organisation. Like every other member state, the United Kingdom has Members of European Parliament ad citing the reason 'they made us do it' suggests that the representatives of Great Britain are not working hard enough for the country. Alternatively, they may well agree with the measure that has been laid down, but it is easier to blame the European Union when it is unpopular with the public.