Just heard about Caroline Ahern having cancer yet again, hope she will be alright, she is such a brilliant comedy writer, and deserves all the help she needs.

The programme Gogglebox is broadcasted on Channel Four at nine pm during Fridays. Here Caroline and Craig cash both narrate, whilst we watch the people watching TV. Its a great concept and so funny.

This week a family from the Wirral (consisting of mum, dad and teenage son and daughter) were watching the Eurovision song contest and enjoying the bearded lady Conchita who won outright.

The son never moves or alters his face, most weeks I think he is stuffed, but this week he couldn't help laughing. When dad touched his leg he jumped a mile proving he is alive after all, I was getting worried.

My favorites are June and Leon. They are so in love and still up for a bit of shinanigins even at their age. It's so lovely to see their marriage has lasted and they still have so much affection for each other. Can't wait for the next series!

The best bit is watching what they are all eating and drinking whilst viewing the programmes. For example, the couple in sandwich. They drink quite a lot and are so funny when tipsy. They really tell the truth about the characters on TV, especially the entrants in Britain's Got Talent or X factor.

The two friends in Brixton usually have Asian food but it always looks like they have ordered a banquet of food for just the two of them. They really enjoy what their watching and usually end rolling about laughing, whilst I am rolling about laughing at them. I love it.