The purpose of the creation of the EuropeanUnion needs to be considered when trying to determine what it might be missing.This is the best way to figure out what, if anything, has not been achieved. Bydeciding what hasn’t been done, it is easier to work out what is needed.

Due to the fact that I consider someequality to be part of the purpose of the creation of the European Union, Ithink this is something that is needed as it doesn’t appear to currently exist.There seems to be a large disparity between the countries of the European Unionin terms of several aspects of everyday life, which is evidenced from newsreports and direct conversations with those affected.

While I understand that some autonomy isnecessary for the countries who are members of the European Union, I find themassive differences quite difficult to understand. Where a country’s rate ofunemployment far exceeds that of Great Britain – so much so that the citizensare leaving the country en mass to find work elsewhere – it makes you wonderwhat has failed to cause this to occur.

Even worse is where the country’s financesare so bad that they seem to be on the verge of bankruptcy and, accordingly,the country’s citizens have to suffer. It is not a situation I would expect ofa developed country and it begs the question of what are the politicians ofthat country doing with their time. It suggests that there is possibly a needfor some lessons on financial management as the actions taken by some countriesdoesn’t make sense for the well-being of its citizens.

Of course, when many different people arerequired to work together, there is more than likely to be a difference ofopinion. However, this does not explain why a country would ever be in aposition of not having sufficient money to sustain itself.

With the vast differences that existbetween the member countries, I would suggest that the word ‘union’ within thename seems to be something of a misnomer. A link between the manner in whichthe member countries operate is missing from the European Union.